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Terminator Seeds

Terminator Seeds – They Won’t Be Back!

Group 76 “Terminator technology” or “suicide seeds” coin their name from the genetic use restriction technology (GURT) which caused controversy when it was used to develop plants that yield sterile seeds. Although not yet commercialised, biotech companies claim the innovation protects intellectual property and prevents the escape of modified genes. However, others are viewing this … Continue reading Terminator Seeds – They Won’t Be Back!

Drone in Field of Corn

Group 71

Group 71 Drone, also known as Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) has granted the world with being prominence in its capabilities to deliver high technology surveillance while having effectiveness in mobility. All around the world, organizations, companies and governments are using drones for various purposes such as delivery, aerial photography and surveillance. Law enforcement bodies took … Continue reading Group 71

Datamining By Large Corporations

Data Mining: The Greater Good Or Invasion Of Privacy?

Group 70 In an ever increasing world of interconnectivity the modern day consumer’s personal and private information is subject to exploitation via technologies which unknowingly extract and sell user information on a daily basis. The distribution of personal data is currently a major financial resource for corporate giants Google and Facebook who dominate the digital … Continue reading Data Mining: The Greater Good Or Invasion Of Privacy?

Editing Humanity

Group 69

Group 69 Genome editing, a new technology in the medical field today, has proved its effectiveness in 2015. A doctor in United Kingdom had used a technique called Transcription Activator-like Effector Nucleases (TALENs) to treat a patient of leukemia. Genome editing works by having doctors directly treat patients by editing their DNA, and effectively ‘cut’ … Continue reading Group 69

Group 65

Group 65 Nowadays, hydroelectric power plants have been widely used around the world. Hydropower, as a clean and renewable source has a great contribution to energy conservation, reducing the emissions from conventional fossil fuel. However, potential risks in environment have also been found in several aspects. Therefore, the engineering ethics regarding whether to continue to … Continue reading Group 65

Toktogul Hydroelectric Power Station

Toktogul Dam: All For One, Or One For All?

Group 64 Kyrgyzstan currently controls Toktogul dam which provides a majority of its electricity demand (Poindexter, 2016). Doing so allows them to be less fossil fuel reliant on neighbouring countries, especially downstream Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan. However, subsequent unstable water flow potentially places the citizens of these countries in agricultural peril, ultimately leading to starvation (Aliyeva, … Continue reading Toktogul Dam: All For One, Or One For All?

Should Prosthetics be Allowed in Athletics

Group 63 The world is heading towards achieving equality and empowering those with disabilities in all aspects of life, including in sport. Allowing disabled athletes to compete in the Olympic Games – as opposed to the Paralympics – raises a number of issues within ethics and engineering. This article aims to discuss the potential benefits … Continue reading Should Prosthetics be Allowed in Athletics

Toxic Waste Photo

Mine Your Own Business – Rare Earth Metals In Mongolia

Group 62 Every time you turn on your computer, take a picture or even drive a car you are relying on a set of metals you’ve probably never heard of. With names like Praseodymium and Lanthanum, these space age sounding elements are in many ways central to the modern world, improving tech lightness and efficiency. … Continue reading Mine Your Own Business – Rare Earth Metals In Mongolia