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Is It Murder To Abandon An Embryo?

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The technology of in-vitro fertilization (IVF) has been developed and studied for 40 years. At present, more than 4 million children are born through in-vitro fertilization, and most of the parents are unable to give birth normally. However, there is still a huge ethical controversy about the application of in vitro fertilization.

Positive Ethical Impacts

Test-tube baby technology can prevent babies from having genetic diseases. According to data from WHO, there are more than 10000 kinds of monogenic diseases we already found, affects about 10 of every 1,000 births worldwide. The centers for disease control and prevention in US found, about 6,000 babies are born with down’s syndrome in the United States each year, and the risk of developing the disease increases as mother’s age. Genetic diseases have become one of the biggest health hazards to newborn. Babies cannot express their wishes, but I believe that no one wants to come to the world with pain, and we have a moral obligation to help them avoid that risk.

Test-tube baby technology can improve a global issue about the rate of fertility nowadays. The fertility rate has already declined significantly in the whole world since 1965.  From 1965 to 1970, per woman gave birth to 4.9 children in the average of the world. However, the average of per woman was only delivered of 2.6 children all over the world between 2005 and 2010. One factor of the many reasons for this subject is infertility because environmental pollution has become more and more serious. In addition, the pressure on working life of people has also increased which resulting in endocrine disorders and the fertility rate reduces. On the other hand, due to the development of technology, electronic products and mobile phones are more and more popular, there is almost everyone has an electronic device. Therefore, people are persecuted more and more easily by the radiation (X-ray). Some experts even pointed out that 70% of females and 50% of males of infertility are caused by bad habits of daily life. These proofs are also making a growing number of the infertility rate. To resolving the current problem, test tube baby has already turned into a mature technique to solve this matter. The skill of in vitro fertilization can also satisfy the dream of homosexuals having kids.

This technology can break the physical barriers to have the reproductive right. According to Proclamation of Teheran, which proposes: “Parents have a basic human right to determine freely and responsibly the number and the spacing of their children”.

IVF Treatment Close-UpIn addition, Lincoln said, ” The law is revealed moral, and morality is the hidden law.” Test-tube baby technology has been legalized in many countries (Britain, Germany etc.), which means most people agreed to use the technology, it’s positive role in moral is far outweigh the negative effects. To sum up, artificial fertilization not only solves the obstacle of infertility but also increases the fertility rate. Test-tube baby technology can also help prevent genetic diseases in infants and improve global medical conditions.

Negative Ethical Impacts

The test-tube baby technology has brought many benefits for the whole society, but there are also many negative impacts. Although people can screen for genetic diseases of the embryo through test-tube baby, but it is unfair for those embryos which are abandoned. If those embryos are recognized as a human being with the basic rights normally connected with personhood, arresting their future development will be viewed as an wrong act which constitutes of murder. They still have the right to live, but they have been killed before that, which is highly disrespect of human lives and human dignity and violent for the original rules of parturition.

The second option, people in some regions have the preference of boys to girls, if they have the opportunities to choose the gender of embryos, this may also lead to the gender imbalance of the whole society.

Apart from that, how to store the embryos indefinitely in a moral way has also raised many concerns. In many cases, couples don’t realize their ambiguous attitudes toward their leftover embryos, so they are probably instinctively consider that disposing of an embryo is not equivalent to the disposing of property that is owned. And if a couple have freeze their embryo for later transplantation, but they died in a plane crash, how to deal with the embryo and determine his legal status will become a severe problem.

In some religions, the follower will share a same belief that every fertilized egg is a real live who should be respected. The test-tube baby interferes with the belief that only God can create children’s religious ideas. Therefore, Puritan may believes that the concept of test-tube baby is unacceptable and contrary to the traditional concepts. In addition, reproduction is a major issue for all religions and ethnic groups. This ambiguity may cause parade protests and even greater violent conflicts.

Meanwhile, this technology still brings a serious problem to family ethical relationship. When a couple decide to have a baby and they need a sperm or ovum from a third person, the baby will have three parents which will be confused that who is the real parent? This will have an impact on family education, parenthood, and quality of life, and will also place an even greater burden on society. In addition, the number of the women of advanced reproductive age is increasing due to this technology which will bring more problems to the family and society.

Although, test-tube baby technology is a mature biotechnology nowadays, there are still so many arguments around it and need to be fixed by improving the laws and regulations, ensuring that the parents who use test-tube baby technology have sufficient knowledge, information and related regulations about it, providing ethics consultation for the families who have ethical relationship problems, thus increasing the morality of people and perfecting the technology to reduce the negative impact.

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  1. A good article that revisits a mature topic. It is clear that much of the discussion provoked by the advent of the technology has continued.

    You present good points for and against, can you include the ethical theories too please? How does utilitarianism, duty ethics and virtue ethics help inform the debate?

  2. I totally agree with the test-tube technology. The technology is perfect for those who want to have babies but unfortunately stopped by personal issues or other problems. Someone insists that abandoning embryos is immoral, and says it is another kind of ‘murder’. But can we say that providing this technology for parents who are heart-broken is immoral too? In my opinion, if you kill someone who is already in the shape of human body, then it is murder because you erase everything this human being deserves to have. We are, indeed, growing from an embryo, but before we know the truth we are nothing. So I believe that providing every chance for a human being, a parent, to chase for their rights is the most moral thing.

  3. I didn’t know before I read this article that does test-tube baby would kill some of the embryos! This is terrible! If the price of having a child is killing the other kids, it’s crazy! Even if it is just an embryo, it should be treated as a child, which is a gift from God, and it is not allowed to be chosen. If I have infertility, I won’t choose to have IVF because I respect life, respect every embryo, every oosperm, because that’s how we came to the world.

  4. I think that even though this technology brings an opportunity for people that cannot have babies, it is so unethical to kill thousands of embryos. If people cannot have kids, why isn’t adoption a solution for their problem? There are thousands of this starving and without a home every year.

  5. The technology of IVF has brought good news to many families, but it is also a double-edged sword. Technology shouldn’t be regard as the justice nor the evil, it all depends on the one who uses it. In order to enjoy the convenience brought by a technology better, we should perfect the laws and regulations. It is like the issue of nuclear has been discussed for decades, however, it is undeniable that it has greatly improved our lives. In the future, the controversy over IVF will certainly continue, and it will gradually facilitate people who oppose it.

  6. Sure it is murder. We all came from embryos and new parents don’t get the chance to decide which embryo should survive or not. Someone says an embryo is not a baby, and this can be so rediculous. Not being in shape of human doesn’t mean not being a human. I completely disagree with this technology.

  7. The technology of IVF has been more and more advanced, and this article has reminded me of many issues. Rarely, the drugs can cause ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS). This happens when the ovaries over-respond to the gonadotrophin. If OHSS occurs, the doctor may suggest restarting the whole cycle with a lower dose of gonadotropin. And the leading cause of pregnancy loss, whether in IVF or in natural conception, is an abnormal number of chromosomes. Detecting aneuploidy in the egg or sperm before carrying out IVF, or in an embryo before implantation, may help increase the chance of a successful pregnancy.

  8. It seems that IVF is now a sophisticated technology and be accepted by the whole world. BUT I personally believe it has some adverse effects. What NOT mentioned in this article is that whether human beings should continue to use this technology. In addition, is there an alternation method or room for developing the technology to ensure we can achieve the same good result without those negative effects?

  9. You raised an interesting technology that IVF is really helpful to human beings but also lots of problems. I can see sufficient advantages and disadvantages. However, if you can improve this technology in ethical way, it will be better. For example, you can focus on utilitarianism. I know you have raised some facts about utilitarianism. More dialectical discussion for one point will be better

  10. Natural selection is cruel, and IVF has accelerated this selection to some extent. I know it’s too naked to say that genes which are not suitable for survival should have been eliminated. It is a perfect technology from the perspective of species.

  11. Very interesting discussion which does not neglect to impartially evaluate both sides of the debate.

    My personal perspective is that IVF technology is beneficial as a whole, its clear that millions of families have benefited from its practice. Even though the opponents of this method of fertilisation have some strong arguments, they must recognise that we live in a rapidly changing world and that in order to adapt to these changes we must not write off innovative and revolutionary solutions such as IVF fertilisation.

  12. First of all, the topic of this article is very interesting. However, although this topic is elucidated from the positive and negative ethical impacts, the article lacks the debate from the moral framework, such as utilitarianism, liberalism, or virtue ethics. Therefore, this may be a point that the article needs to improve. Personally, especially in the rural areas of China, many families prefer to have a boy. From freedom principle, this is the choice of their parents, but in terms of moral virtues, these parents are more concerned about the sex of the test-tube baby rather than being a living person. Thus, I support this technology individually, but I am opposed to using this technology to interfere with the gender of the baby.

  13. This discussion remind me of a recent case ([2018] EWHC 646 (QB)) judged by High Court of Justice Queen’s Bench Division. In this case, there is a little child who possessed DiGeorge syndrome. It is alleged on his behalf that he has suffered and will continue to suffer developmental delay and learning disability, with intellectual abilities far lower than would otherwise have been expected, and will require “further multiple heart surgeries” in the future.

    Therefore, I suggest IVF might be a great method to ensure the health of unborn babies and the happiness of their family. Then, there would be a significant decline in the number of such ligation. Besides, the fees of curing and litigation would become unnecessary and avoidable.

  14. I think it is not a murder to abandon an embryo because the embryo is not a person in legal context. I think it is only when the individual can breathe independently that he becomes a person. Then, the abandonment of him can be a real murder. In addition, I think this technology is quite important for preventing childhood diseases and for couples who can’t have children.

  15. Depending on how you view the issue, there are both pros and cons to this controversial method. Most will say that it is inhumane, but while it may be unethical to rid embryos by natural selection, the fact of the matter is that the unborn child is not yet hyper aware – in this instance, can it really be considered ‘murder’? Ultimately, the decision on how to handle this sort of moral dilemma should lie in the hands of the parents who should be the ones to decide what the best course of action is for themselves.

  16. This is a topic which is worth to discuss. In-vitro fertilization has indeed contributed a great deal to avoiding genetic diseases. Although, unavoidable, the defective embryos will be abandoned. Whether the embryo should be regarded as life, and if this behavior is regarded as murder has caused fierce discussion. However, as stated in the first part of the article, no one wants to come to this world with pain. Genetic diseases will be a severe blow to individuals and their families. However, to avoid the abuse of technology, relevant laws should still be formulated to restrict the use of this technology to select embryonic sex.

  17. IVF technology can help those infertile parents have the opportunity to own their own children.
    I think this technology can continue to improve. After all, the current success rate is not very high.
    However, when the success rate becomes higher, relevant laws and regulations may be required to protect the technology and avoid being abused.

  18. I have same point with IVF technology.
    Because there are people who want more children to own children.
    You can also eliminate bad genes and avoid letting children suffer in the future.
    IVF technology can make women who unable to conceive find someone to help them with their own children. They will not regret for life without children.

  19. I don’t agree to apply test-tube technology to real life, but it is still necessary to continue research this technology. Because no one can guarantee the complete maturity of this technology, on the surface, this technology can avoid many human genetic defects. But no one can be ensure that this technology will not bring about worse hidden defects. People need to be careful about any biotechnology applied to humans.

  20. I think that IVF is intended to help couples (men and women) who are really infertile and cannot be used for homosexual couples. Because it will make homosexuality more and more, it will be even impossible for people to conceive normally. Second, a child might not know who is really mother or father which makes the world chaos!

  21. Although there still many controversies about the test-tube technology, its benefits cannot be underestimated. Test-tube technology bring the hope to people who want a baby but can’t pregnant naturally no matter with regard to healthy problems or gay people. The religious and moral issue about the embryos need be discussed and the related laws also need be established. I think with the advancement and popularity of technology all the problems we worry about can be properly resolved.

  22. IVF technology provides a very good way for those parents who are incapable but want to have a child. Although there is an embryonic sacrifice, everyone thinks deeply that neither the sperm nor the eggs before the embryo can become Embryo, is this also considered “murder”? So I don’t think it is necessary to raise this issue to the human rights and moral level. In general, the advantage of this technology is greater than its disadvantages.

  23. I personally believe that this technology is ethical. Because in fact, many couples who choose to be IVF have to have infertility, or it is difficult to naturally conceive if they are too old, but if they can let these couples have their own children through IVF, it is really a Things that are happy. After all, this is creating life. It is a beautiful thing.

  24. The only difference between test-tube babies and naturally conceived babies is the process of fertilization, and no difference is the combination of their parentsundefined best sperm and eggs, all grown up in the womb of their mother. It can also be delivered by spontaneous delivery or cesarean section. Above, test-tube babies do not pose any ethical problems. Of course, azoospermia and those with premature ovarian failure who do not have follicles need to donate or donate eggs, which may result in blood relatives unknown to some people. But the sperm center will have strict registration and tracking, donundefinedt worry. Now the incidence of infertility is increasing, IVF is a legal science, and it brings good news and hope to infertile couples. In addition, the treatment of infertility is a fully self-funded item, and any insurance will not be reimbursed. As few as a few thousand, as many as tens of thousands or 100,000, such patients are of high quality, and the profits created for the hospital are rich. So now all the major third Class A hospitals are developing all kinds of reproductive centers.

  25. This article reminds me of another problem, that is, the moral issue of abortion. Subjectively I would think that the abandoned embryo does not seem to have serious abortions. But in fact, their nature is the same. Parents who choose to have an abortion often consider themselves unable to be responsible for the child who is about to be born. Parents who choose IVF surgery think that they have enough capacity to raise their children, but in this case, they do the same behavior as abortion. After such an argument, I think it is enough to explain from one aspect that the technology is immoral, and its essence is the murder weapon of the parents.

  26. 1 . Gender selection may be presented ;The test tube baby is forced to donate to the ethics of ethics ;
    2 . The ” excellent infant ” , which is full of sieves , will unbalance the human beings ;
    3 . The child is the same as us , is an independent individual , they should not be the target of planning , we have no qualifications to be planners , because planning standards we do not have the right to judge ;
    4 . The uniqueness of a child is equally sacred , and this uniqueness is first manifested in the occasional and qualitative nature of its birth . Life is precisely because of this constant nature , and if everything is determined , everything is expected to be determined , and what is the meaning of life ?
    5 . The gene genetic disease has a concept of morbidity , and it is not all inherited diseases which will despise the generation of the generation and the expensive cost . Now , it is very difficult to carry out gene selection skills in our country .
    6 . A pair of Australian spouses , through the selection of the skills of genes , are ” planning babies ” , believing that the son ” immune ” will not suffer from cancer , and should it be found in the examination that the son has a mutant gene and that it is time to turn it into cancer ;
    7 . We are changing the substance of human beings , and only regard people as aggregates of many genes .
    8 . The lifetime of the ” planning baby ” will be shrouded in the shadow of the interests of others .
    9 . Although the PGD skills are actually used for more than a decade , 700 children born by this skill have not shown any health problems now , but it is still too early to believe that the skills are full .
    10 . ” It undefined s a glorious job to save your older brother undefined s sister , and it undefined s also very meaningful , and there undefined s no injustice ! ” It undefined s a problem , it undefined s our education vision .

  27. Although IVF technology bring lots of benefits to human beings, it still has negative impacts. People rely on IVF will causing physiological degeneration. The future will become worse. Human beings could not separate from nature and excessively focus on science. As I concerned, test-tube baby could not made parents feel priceless relationship between them. Break the rule of nature will causing more issues. Moreover we should facing laws and regulations consultation.

  28. I am very interested in the topics of your group.
    According to the description in your article, may a child have five parents? “Father of Genetics,” “Mother of Genetics,” “Breathing Mother,” “Father of Sociology,” and “Mother of Sociology.” So who is the parent who has moral and legal rights and obligations to the child? These two points I didn’t find the answer in your text ~

  29. I could not accept IVF technology. It separate human beings from the nature. Excessively rely on IVF will causing people physiological degeneration. The situation will become worse, not optimize. We should focus on how to cure infertility, not using test-tube baby totally instead of parents “responsibility”. I believe science is a tool which help to human beings in evolution. IVF is a wrong way of utilizing technology which should be amend to the right direction.

  30. I just want to say that the assisted reproduction may eventually lead to the non-artificial incest tragedy, the law in our country, from the same provider sperm and eggs can make 5 for family use, such as far as possible to avoid future offspring of different family, appear the possibility of marriage between first Cousins. And in order to further prevent this, the law even suggests that the sperm bank is obliged to provide marriage counseling for future generations of artificial insemination. However, it has to be said that most parents are not willing to tell their children the truth of their children’s birth, so there are still some hidden dangers in their marriage. Finally, assisted reproduction involves a human rights issue, which is the reduction of multiple pregnancies. Natural state, the peptide chances of pregnancy is very low, and because the easy to add multiple pregnancy abortion, preterm delivery and gestational disease, may also make the developmental delays, birth defects, such as mortality, is strictly prohibited in our country of multiple pregnancy in assisted reproductive aspects, however, in order to success rate of ivf, test-tube baby every time implanted embryos are generally in two to three, therefore, when implanted embryos eventually detected multiple cardiac need reduction, which one are you going to destroy, and which one to leave, it involves huge moral problems.

  31. Children who were born through IVF technology is much more than I think. Although I haven’t thought about there are ethical issues in IVF before, this article inspired me a lot. As the growth rate of population in some countries constantly dropping, IVF maybe an opportunity for solving this problem. The technology is innocent in ethical issues, because it is depend on the people who use it and how to use it. Development of IVF and the relative law is more important.

  32. Great argument. Test-tube babies give people the right to choose in the process of birth, but I don’t think it’s a good thing. Although this technology solves many problems, such as infertility, genetic diseases, but nature itself is a place of natural selection, break the balance of nature sometimes will bring more problems, such as overpopulation, gender imbalance, and so on. This is a consequence of the misuse of the technology. This article talks about the positive and negative effects, and also reflects the two sides of technology.

  33. The development of new technology always sparks strong opinion and sentiment, and IVF is one of those complicated cases that has to be considered under different culture and social backgrounds as the ethical and legal issues vary significantly in different countries and religious beliefs. The act of creating lives outside of a body is in-itself a controversial topic as it is a novel concept to the human society. It is hard to reach a universal consensus on whether IVF has more positive or negative impact on individuals and the society as a whole.

  34. This is a very interesting article. I think for the the embryo problem , to some extent , has been the biggest possibility to avoid the problem of the embryo itself , and your own risk of natural pregnancy is more difficult to assess , so many problems such as toxins , infections , radioactive elements and so on in the mid – trimester of pregnancy can cause fetal abnormalities , which are the same risks whether you are naturally pregnant or a test tube baby cannot completely circumvent . I think people should make sure the cause of infertility then followed by the doctor undefined s advice .

  35. It is a controversial issue. In fact, I think many couples who choose to be IVF babies are either infertile or too old to conceive naturally, but if they can have their own children through IVF, Itundefineds really something to be happy about. If your sperm and eggs are healthy in themselves, there is no difference between biology and natural childbirth.

  36. Is progress in medical science equal to human progress? Is it equal to human happiness? For test-tube babies, they do have different life histories: they were not born from the mother’s body. Everything is nurtured in nature, and humans are just one thing in everything. Is it really true that humans have made artificial changes to the law of the growth of all things through self-intellectual wisdom? Perhaps for some time now and in the future, people’s thirst for babies is far greater than for natural laws. For the IVF technology, we cannot judge whether it is correct or not. However, as human beings, we should have reservations about traditions. We must be clear at all times. We are only part of nature. People who respect tradition can reject scientific changes. And for those who yearn for science, we respect each other.

  37. This is a good article to let me more realize Test-tube baby and think about the impact of the new technology, even though it can improve some bad condition, but it still broke the rule of nature. Basically, this issue is really controversial, in my opinion, although, this cause some ethic problem, human create and develop the new technology is to improve our lives. Therefore, I believe this situation will become more sound in the future.

  38. IVF is one of the greatest inventions of the 20th century and it has also won the Nobel Prize. So far more than 4 million people have come to this world through this technology. When you are discussing whether the technology is ethical, have you considered the psychology of children born through IVF technology? Will they think that they have come to this world to be sinful?

    1. the innovation and breaking through technology do foster a lots of benefits to life. especially it does offer people hopes and advantages for someone who can’t have their own baby naturally. in fact, it remains a controversy issue which comes along with moral isseus. that will absolutely be widely discuss over time.

  39. From my perspective, I’m looking forward to seeing this technology can be used in more mass society rather than especially people.
    As a new generation goes on IVF technology is very suitable for females who are infertile and over marriageable age.
    I believe that Test-tube baby technology can prevent babies from having genetic diseases and could reduce social expenditure.

  40. Babies and mothers have mother-son relationships that are thicker than water, but they are also independent individuals in nature. They should not be experimented, be chosen, and be abandoned. The right to live is the equality of the individual in life. No matter how much wealth you have created, how much scientific research has been accomplished, or how important the one is, it is extremely pale in the face of life and death. Life cannot be compared and cannot be chosen. Equality, in the face of death, so when it comes to saving lives, so too at birth.

  41. Human wisdom occupies a dominant direction in nature. Humans can determine many things. Humans can innovate and create, but they cannot determine the direction of human life. The survival of the fittest is ultimately a natural choice, not a human choice. The IVF technology is precisely the product of human self-selection. After inspection and selection of IVF babies, is the meaning of their lives already meaningful to us? Or do we already have a direction for them before they can choose? If this cycle continues, human beings are choosing themselves and they are also deterring themselves.

  42. From the law’s perspective, who is the parent having legal rights and duties to the child is one of the biggest problems. BTW, this is an interesting topic!!!

  43. Along with the acceleration of social development, biotechnology has been greatly progressed in recent decades. Many techniques such as IVF, cloning, and genetic modification have been mastered by people. However, these technological developments have also brought us a lot of legal and ethical issues.
    From my perspective, the technology of IVF is a double-edged sword. Undoubtedly, the original intention of studying IVF technology was to help those parents who were physically unable to pregnant. However, with the huge demand of tube babies and the high charges of the surgery, some people choose to received the tube baby treatment from an underground clinic and ended up with their bodies seriously hurt. What can we do to crack down on this illegal tube baby market? At present, there are still many legal loopholes and ethical issues that need us to improve and solve.

  44. I think IVF should not be widely used. It violates the laws of nature and to some extent, IVF technology is weakening human fertility. Imagine if one-day human reproduction depends entirely on IVF, then where is the difference between us and commodities? Humans use technology to benefit themselves, and should not be constrained by technology. A technology, if it will eventually be degraded by humans, then the technology itself has deviated from the original intention of inventing it. So, I think we should be careful about IVF technology.

  45. Actually this is a very interesting topic. In my opinion, parents have their own rights to have a test-tube baby if they really want, and related institutions or government could carry out some polices to avoid the unfair issues.

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