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GOOD or BAD – The Judgement Of UAV

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The UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle), often known as a drone, represents a kind of aircraft with no pilot aboard. Nowadays, the applications of drones have many different sectors. And it is widely discussed whether it is beneficial or harmful to us.


The unmanned aerial vehicle has wide applications in the military and defense world. Because of its small size, it has been used to help the military be aware of the unexploded bombs and save lives. Moreover, the unmanned aerial vehicles are used to the actions of air strikes. The U.S. military usually uses the UAV to attack militants in the tribal areas of Pakistan. The military operations can then be carried out by letting the UAV hovering around suspected areas, which controlled by the defense personnel. In addition, UAV is used by the government to investigate some sensitive areas, such as refugee camp, which can help the homeless people and ensure the safety of the territorial boundaries, as well as reduce conflicting situations.

Why Did You Kill My FamilyHowever, in modern warfare, the use of UAV has caused much dispute in society. Because UAV only needs to be operated on the ground, it relies heavily on communications and GPS (Global Positioning System), which causes confusion between civilians and terrorists. And the drone strikes are designed to kill targets rather than capture them, so they will lead to unilateral killings.

The global military UAV market is dominated by companies from Israel and United States. By sale numbers in military market share, the US held over 60% in 2017.  According to investigations, the number of civilian death caused by U.S. military attack in Pakistan, Yemen, and Somalia has reached more than 1000 since 2002. In Afghanistan, in recent years, both al-Qaida and Taliban fighters take children and women with them whenever they go to keep the safety of themselves. Moreover, the use of UAV for beheading is the latest development in military operations. In some countries, such as Pakistan, the national governments claim that they cannot predict and control the foreign missile strikes. In the hearts of the local residents, their fear of UAV is even greater than that of terrorists.

Therefore, it is important to control the military use of UAV. The regulations about the use of UAV in the international arena and the related international regulations should be improved urgently. The compliance and legalization of drones will not only help strengthen national defense security in all countries, but also make the relationship between countries benign and promote the stability of people’s lives.


UAV is also widely used in non-military sectors. The most important benefit is that it can save lives. In natural and manmade disasters, a rescue operation is always a fight against time, drones can arrive the site at a very high speed and collect information for rescue operations. With the help of the thermal sensor at the specified drones, they can also locate the lost persons, especially useful at nights or the places that are not reachable for humans and rescue teams, because of its small size and powerful camera. Therefore, the ongoing threats can be assessed without risking the safety of human life.

Moreover, unmanned aerial vehicles are often used in fast shipping and delivery.

Amazon is trying to use drones to carry out the 30-minute delivery services, which can reduce the human labor and improve the delivery efficiency. They can also be used to explore some essential details and unware footage in archeological research. In addition, UAV can also apply in geographic mapping, which includes some unattainable mountain tops, places where safety inspection is needed and dangerous coastlines.

Policeman with UAVAlthough UAV has a wide range of applications in environmental monitoring and other aspects. However, because some models of UAV are small and easy to conceal, many people use them for improper purposes, such as peeping on the privacy of others, shooting or photographing others without permission. And even spies use it for shooting military targets. For example, an aeronautical enthusiast was curious in May 2017 in a mountainous region in China, which is about the troops and then legally be detained for 10 days. On the other hand, since many regions do not have relative laws and regulations governing the flight of drones, some people play their drones on low airways and pose a security threat to the civilian or military aircraft. Just as in April 2015, at Heathrow Airport of the United Kingdom, an unmanned aircraft collided with a passenger plane with 132 passengers. Fortunately, it did not cause casualties.

To conclude, it is quite important to set up relative laws to regulate the non-military use of UAV, although it is very hard as it needs the cooperation of many different countries. In the future, the applications of UAV should be paid more attention to regulate it by laws, which could be beneficial for human society significantly for long-term development.

121 thoughts on “GOOD or BAD – The Judgement Of UAV

  1. A good topic, but you need to bring in the ethical arguments. There are four theories. Which of them supports the use of UAVs, and which of them oppose it?

    Moreover, your topic covers too many areas. I suggest focussing on either UAVs as delivery vehicles, or UAVs as military devices.

  2. This is an utterly relevant topic because such devices bring a lot of potential benefits, as well as potential hazards. I fully agree with the idea of clear and wise regulation of these devices.
    I would like to know more about the sides of the business. I mean who are the main beneficiaries as well as customers, what is their motivation to develop this area. In my opinion, it is not easy to generalize, because each country has its own vision of the situation.

  3. I fully agree with the idea from this blog, but these ideas are not attractive enough for me, as i have seen many similar things from other websites. As a student, i think it can be better to talk more about the functions of UAV that can influnce our daily life.

  4. Nice topic. UAVs are used in the modern world and are one of the most advanced technologies. Of course, the field of application is huge. Increasingly, educational programs include these devices as learning models. I am a supporter of the UAVs technologys development because I do not see particularly acute problems of their development and application. In the military sphere, many weapons are more serious than UAVs.

  5. The drones are indeed a hot topic nowadays, ever since they reached the consumer market and dropped their prices. It’s clear that their mass production brings utility to not only enthusiasts, but can also help create novel business ideas. However, with such a flood of products, it’s hard, if not impossible to control their use, especially on the privacy side. In that respect, I agree with much stricter regulation, adapted to specific applications.

    I think the drone development should carry on as strong as before, in the consumer as well as military sector. From an ethical perspective, the damage caused by either a drone or strike team by comparison, is irrelevant. In warfare, all vital decisions are informed, accounted for, and ultimately taken by human personnel. If a drone can perform a task without risking the lives of others involved in the mission, all the better.

    Great job with the article. It leads to some interesting insights.

  6. This article is thought-provoking and discusses the pros and cons of uavs from the pros and cons. I think drones are good for people’s lives if we use them properly and legitimately. Of course, it is also necessary to prevent people from using them to do illegal things.

  7. Pretty good topic, uavs have good development trends and potential benefits no matter in life or in other areas. And indeed, in recent years, the uav as a very convenient product of science and technology, the development and application of it are too fast, so aroused people’s concern about how to reasonably use and protect your privacy and security, looking forward to a reasonable rules and regulations.

  8. I am an engineer of UAV, and there are some technology limitations for the UAV in military use. Much of the work carried out in the areas of mobile ad hoc networks (MANETs), and vehicular ad hoc networks (VANETs) does not address the unique characteristics of the UAV networks. UAV networks may vary from slow dynamic to dynamic and have intermittent links and fluid topology. While it is believed that ad hoc mesh network would be most suitable for UAV networks yet the architecture of multi-UAV networks has been an understudied area. Software defined networking (SDN) could facilitate flexible deployment and management of new services and help reduce cost, increase security and availability in networks. Routing demands of UAV networks go beyond the needs of MANETS and VANETS. Protocols are required that would adapt to high mobility, dynamic topology, intermittent links, power constraints, and changing link quality. UAVs may fail and the network may get partitioned making delay and disruption tolerance an important design consideration. Limited life of the node and dynamicity of the network lead to the requirement of seamless handovers, where researchers are looking at the work done in the areas of MANETs and VANETs, but the jury is still out. As energy supply on UAVs is limited, protocols in various layers should contribute toward greening of the network.

  9. It’s very nice topic and really worth to develop more discussions. Nowadays, UAVs have been widely used in many aspects, agricultural, journalism, military, science research etc. It has helped human a lots; however, it has also harmed many people. Since UAVs can take very clear photos from far distance, we might be monitoring anytime easily. It’s always a serious problem for privacy in this century. It needs very thorough regulations indeed.

    I support to keep developing UAVs and use them. I’m my opinion, UAVs met the Utilitarianism and Kant’s theory because UAVs benefit many people in different aspects and it was a great invention for helping people. However, I’m interested to know more debates in military aspect. As long as it became one of weapons, it’s important to analyze the benefits and harm caused from UAVs.

  10. Injured civilians may be the most controversial one in the topic of uavs. However, increasing its accuracy may reduce controversy. Of course, this requires more research to achieve it.

  11. It is a very hot topic now, but I think it will be more attractive if we focus more on the strike kills by the drone. You talk a bit too much on everything, which is no need for a short blog.

  12. Its really good article, drone implementation in society and military has become a famous topic. And I think everything has its pros and cons. The critical thing here is how we manage the technology, policy and legalise this technology. There are a lot of drawback at the early of every technology implementation. However, after the age of maturity, it will become better hopefully with strict regulation and better technology.

  13. This article evaluates the application of drones in both daily life and military, from the most recent life and the most controversial military aspects, but generally speaking there are some broad discussions without further detailed research. However, the final results are still encouraging. The article should discuss more about human behavioral attitudes. Although drones have been controversial for many years, its importance cannot be ignored. Therefore, this article can discuss drones in more detail. Problems, I believe there will be greater improvement。

  14. This topic should be taken seriously, because this product is used more and more widely, and it really needs reasonable regulations to restrict its use. It can also harm the civilian population in war, which is absolutely intolerable, so it must reach a certain height in technology before it can be used in war. But it would be better to have no war to use them.

  15. After revisiting this article, it can be said that through the moral contrast between the advantages and disadvantages of the military application and the modern application of this drone, it is very helpful and inspiring for my complete set of ideas and themes.

  16. I think UAVs should be banned by ordinary people, because there are safety problems, so it must be used by qualified people or institutions. In this way, there is no risk of hidden dangers. The use of weapons should be banned in war, because the more powerful the weapon, the more extensive the killing and injury, and nothing should be advocated in war.

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