The Application of Big Data In Organizations, Take A Break?

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Since the information age, data has begun to show exponential explosions. The continuous development of data plays a vital role in our daily lives. For the processing of larger data, big data technology has been developed to quickly and effectively extract valuable information. The collection, usage, and dissemination of these data are usually performed by the government or large corporations. However, there are some cases that organizations uses their data inappropriately or leaks their customers’ information to others, such as the Facebook data leakage. Whether a large company is qualified to analyze the use of this data, and who should own it?

It is reasonable for companies to use big data.

Facebook’s data breach does not mean that the company can’t use big data. Before collecting user information data, the company will provide terms of service and privacy terms to solicit customer’s consent. After the customer accepts, from the perspective of deontology, there is nothing wrong with the behavior of the analysis, but Cambridge Analytical is illegally obtained data that infringes on the privacy of customers. This is not legally and ethically acceptable, and individuals should own their own data. It is not in accordance with the principle of things that use without the permission of others. This behavior is not in line with duty ethics. But this reminds us that the company has the responsibility to protect customer data.

One benefit of big data analytics is fraud monitor, especially in the financial area. The big data analysis system depends on the collecting the behavior and information of customer. This ability helps banks or credit card companies find the person who embezzle other’s card or fraud, even finding the suspicious using before card holder recognize the problem. This is a good improvement of the safety in the financial area. According to the basic human right, protecting everyone personal property is necessary in the socially. In addition, this measure is an effective method to prevent the person who want to do criminal or dangerous things. It helps people keep the virtue morality.

Secondly, the big data analytic help company collect the voice from every staff. Big data analytics helps employees visualize the connection between their daily activities and organizational goals, making workers feel like active participants in enterprise outcomes, it helps worker increase the satisfy of their work and get more motivation in the job. This is the care ethic and a good method for promoting democracy, the motion and view from basic level staff can be conveyed to the core manager of company. It means the company executives can get the opinion and feedback of majority people in the company when manager make a decision or set a strategy. This method not only used in the company but also suit for the government, it can solve the unfair problem in advance, the method also provides a platform for people protect their own right. Big data analytics can enable companies to better understand their customers and their needs. Although the company’s underlying intention may lie in the development of the company and the profits it earns, it will also enhance the company’s products and services to meet the various needs of its customers. From the behavior itself, it met duty ethics. From a business perspective, big data analytics is a technology with great potential and value. Benefits outweigh costs and meet utilitarian standards.

Companies should not use and share their data.

Most of time, customers are not aware of the reveal of their personal information. With popularization of online service, part of personal information would be needed for the digital identification or subscription. In order to get full access of the online services, the cost is personal data even private data. At the same time, the data is shared by service providers or data analysis organizations with opacities relationship, even though customers delete local data, the data have already been shared or sold cannot insure to be deleted. This causes the asymmetric control with data between users and service providers. Users mostly feel powerless of controlling with personal data. Service providers delete the data when users require to do so, but users have no authority to control the shared and sold data. Another complicated matter is the ownership of the data. The data processed based on users’ personal data contain the information of original data and the analysis from the third-party services. With advantages of digital identify, the personal data is used widely such as job application. Discrimination will generate when processing the data to justify applicants rather than actually meeting them. Employers may mislead by what the data represents and ignore the real self of applicants. This is called dictatorship.

Moreover, privacy as one of the main ethical issues of Big Data’s develop, it has cause serious problems which leads to mental harmful and physical damage to individuals. Lack of data protection system cause the collected data leakage, especially between the patient and hospital that collects patient’s data. The trust bond that between them is based on well-being of the data collector, such as the doctor.  However the patient would be discriminated by others once the trust bond is break. Data leakage (including name, date birth, and etc.) are increasing worldwide and 55.4% of them are leaks by external intruder and 33.9% are by employees.  The most three sources are from retail, transport and Banks. However, many of the data leakage is approving by the individuals [4]. People are usually required to agree a statement when they down APPs or register something, they usually just click the agree button without read through the statement, and those statement might asking to share your information. Once personal information is leaked, varies scams are start to happen, phone scam is the most common one. The scammer would use varies reason such as your refund is not processing due to poor service to ask for your bank detail, and steal the money from you. Many companies use their data and leak their customers information are against Duty ethics and Care ethics basis.

Initial Decision

Companies should be able to use their data, but there should be a standard and measure of using the Big Data.

17 thoughts on “The Application of Big Data In Organizations, Take A Break?

  1. As you mentioned “55.4% of them are leaks by external intruder and 33.9% are by employees”. It seems like with the technology revaluation, the external intruder may not leak that easy. Any technic is used while improving at the same time. Big data should not be banned.

  2. Such as interesting reading, I personally don’t like the big data, especially some websites always pop out some recommended products, which I am really has no interested in. Those website recommend those products because I possible browsed once before because I was bored. Browsed once does not mean I need those products. So if there is a ‘No Recommend Product’ option would be better for me. Also, when they pop out those products, I feel like I am forced to buy those product. I really do not this feeling.

    1. I agree with you to a degree. As we mentioned, data leakage cause the invasion of privacy. It feels like always somebody keep eyes on me. That is the reason why I support to control the application of big data.

  3. The big data technology exist everywhere in our lives, it influences the personal privacy, although it makes some convenience for our life. So, personal privacy should be concerned when the company use big data to analyse the problem.

  4. More and more APP collect big data from the customer, then forcing recommend some Ad to suit customer’s interest, even if you do not want to receive it. This problem annoys many people who just want to get some daily news when they looking through the APP. There the big data is a Double-edged Sword, it increases the convenience of our daily life, but it invades personal privacy.

    1. Actually, the leak of private data is serious than you think. Sometimes, when I search in an app, the related recommend just show in another app. The sharing of the private data may cause our data propagates to lawbreaker. That is the main problem, I think.

  5. I support using big data. The problem of privacy can be solved, but the convenience brought by big data is not so easy to get. Or companies that use big data can do anonymous statistics.

  6. After I came to the UK to study, I received many fraudulent phone calls. The disclosure of personal information will really cause great trouble. And it can lead to a huge increase in fraud rates.

    1. Of course, big data has its benefits. But I don’t think it should be at the expense of privacy. Maybe we can find a way to have it both ways?

  7. Interesting reading. However, I have to disagree with you on the point that government can use collected data and information from citizens to help making decisions and solve unfair problems. I have to say that most people agree on something does not mean it is the right thing. Some people does like making decisions and they just follow other people’s decision which is called Bandwagon effect. Thus this would affect the accuracy of collected data. So my point is use big data to make decision might not suit for government.

  8. A good treatment of this topic, I found the argument for big data to contain lots of ethical reasoning, whereas the argument against contained reasoning but brought in the ethical support at the end.

  9. According to utilitarianism, I personally believe that big data brings more pleasure than pain. Whether big data can benefit people depends on the users, while those who use big data to harm others’ interests are in the minority.

  10. I never thought big data could be applied in financial sectors. If I got a company, I may or may not prefer using big data in my business depends on which type of industry I am involved in.

  11. I love the Facebook example at the beginning. Indeed, when we visit many websites, we are told that our data on the local terminal will be tracked and stored. The website will also provide privacy and cookie policies, and the choice is in the hands of users, which I think is ethically acceptable. But if my personal data were collected without notice, I would consider it unethical.

  12. Data is the treasure of the future, we should use it. Big data is an effective and comprehensive analysis technology. I personally think that privacy is very important, but we can’t stop development. Correspondingly, we are actively looking for a set of laws and regulations and punishment, regulatory measures, this may be as important as food safety. The technology itself does not involve ethical issues, but how the group or individual who gets the data uses it matters a lot.

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